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Everything you need to digitise your hotel

CRM & Automated Guest Journey

The hotel CRM to increase your direct sales. Maintain an organised customer database, enriched with information from other sources, which will allow you to build customer loyalty and increase profits. Automate communication with guests at any stage of the trip, regardless of the channel through they have booked. Save time and dedicate it to your customers.


Use customer wifi to generate a high quality database that allows you to build guest loyalty and encourage direct sales, avoiding commissions. It allows you to capture the email and telephone number of all guests, not just those who have booked. The best captive portal specialised in hotels.

Messaging Center

You will be able to establish a two-way communication process with your customer, omnichannel and with all conversations centralised in a single interface that can be used by the different hotel departments. Connect the Chatbot with the customers preferred channels (whatsapp, email, webchat…) and it will answer the most frequently asked questions, so that the staff only has to act when necessary.

Online check-in

Your guests will carry out the check-in process by themselves, using their devices, from anywhere. Document scanning, digital signature, booking payment, etc. You will have all the data dumped to your PMS automatically, saving time to your client and unloading the reception.

  • The most complete CRM for hotels.

  • We have the best hostspot on the market.

  • Integrations with best PMS.

  • Simple and intuitive platform.

  • We are experts in automation and digitalisation.

  • Close and high-quality support.

  • We love to listen to our customers.

  • More than 1000 clients are our guarantee.