data base

Automates customer database creation

Collect all your customer information and organise it in a centralised database ready to make the most of it. We automatically extract the information from wifi, PMS, hotel website, booking engine, chat and anywhere we have customer data.

Collect real guest email

OTAS and Tour Operators know the value of a customer’s real email address, that’s why they guard it jealously and don’t usually share it with hotels. At Journeytok we have several ways to get real customer data (wifi, chat, web, etc.) and all automatically.


Because not always all the data comes from the same source, our CRM manages to complete the customer file with all the necessary data to be able to make a good profile of the guest. Know all the times they have stayed at the hotel, how they booked, type of board, etc.

Remove duplicates

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms we will automatically detect duplicate customer records and you will be able to merge them into one. Without duplicates you will avoid confusion for your team and for your customers.

Frequently asked questions

Journeytok stores the databases in the cloud and makes them available to the hotel to whom the information belongs.

Yes of course, you can upload the data you have in CSV or Excel to the database. In addition, our AI algorithms will normalise them and even automatically fill in some fields if they are empty, such as language, which is very important to automate communication.

Journeytok uses automatic processes and AI algorithms to normalise the data it imports and obtains from other sources. Among other things, it consists of eliminating duplicates, making sure that the same field always has the same format for all guests, etc. The goal is to have a fully prepared database to be able to segment customers well, to be able to launch super personalised campaigns and to make the right decisions based on real data.

Yes, you can modify the data in the customer file, add notes, etc. You can also delete or add new customers manually.

Yes, all Journeytok processes are legally compliant. Specifically with GDPR, Journeytok is the Data Controller of guests’ personal information and the business is the Data Controller. Journeytok’s products provide the business with everything necessary for compliance.

Don’t have a standardised database yet, what are you waiting for?