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We have the feeling that dissatisfied customers are the ones who are more likely to leave reviews on social media and most of the satisfied ones don’t get to share their good experience with others. It’s not a feeling, it’s reality. Journeytok allows you to automate the process of getting reviews and in a very subtle way we make good experiences public.

What can you achieve by automating reviews?

A real case of a city hotel

Without automatically soliciting reviews, this hotel was only getting 10 reviews a month on TripAdvisor, similar to its competitors’ hotels, and in February it began automating the solicitation of reviews from its customers and quickly doubled the number of reviews it was getting. By adjusting the algorithm to the hotel’s customer type, it managed to increase the number of reviews customers were writing on TripAdvisor sevenfold, far outperforming its competitors, which helped it climb from 12th to number 3 in its city.


The customer will receive an invitation to leave a review in their own language automatically. Journeytok has the email and WhatsApp templates translated into over 20 languages and fine-tuned for maximum conversion.

Easy-to-use dashboard
and intuitive

You will be able to drive the reviews where it suits you best and align it with the hotel’s reputation strategy. To measure the results you have a simple and intuitive control panel with the KPIs you need.

Frequently asked questions

The answer is yes. Hundreds of hotels are already using this strategy, referring the customer to their ideal platform, either by nationality, age, etc. You can also let each customer choose which platform they would like to leave their review on.

It all depends on the type of customer. Email has always been used to thank them for their stay and to ask them to leave a review, but as we know this type of email has a low open rate. Nowadays Whatsapp is the channel that has the highest conversion rate as it is the most used by customers and the one they feel most comfortable with.

Normally you should wait 48 hours before requesting a review from the guest on any of the platforms. If it is done too early, before 24 hours, the guest may not even have returned home yet.

Yes, you can customise the email or whatsapp template to your liking and you can personalise it with their name. But if you want something simple but that works well, Journeytok has templates for every reputation platform, translated into over 20 languages and highly optimised to get as many reviews as possible.

Of course, if you find that you need more reviews on TripAdvisor or Google Review at a certain time, you can always combine the settings to redirect reviews to the platform that suits you best.

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