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Guest Journey

Our exclusive CRM for hotels centralises, unifies and enriches guest data so you can communicate with them in their channel, in a personalised way, and build loyalty to increase revenue. Automating guest communication has never been easier.

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The most complete CRM for hotels

Centralise and enrich your customers’ data

You will have all your customer data available in one place, allowing you to communicate in a highly personalised way and at the right time. Consolidate information from multiple sources: PMS, channel manager, wifi, web, etc. and organise it in a single and very useful customer file.

Omnichannel communication

Because each client is different, communicate through their favourite channel and the most suitable for each type of communication: email, sms, whatsapp …

Simple and powerful email template editor

You will be able to create very professional emails in a very simple way with our email editor. Editable templates for each type of message, which you can modify intuitively with just a few clicks.

Automating the

GUEST JOURNEY from beginning to end

Automating the GUEST JOURNEY from beginning to end


Planning the trip

Booking confirmation

It is the first contact with the customer, send a nice email and build customer loyalty. Whatever the channel through which they booked, you will be enhancing the value of your hotel brand. Take the opportunity to introduce them to the way to contact the hotel and offer them the services they may need. You can personalise the message depending on the channel through which they booked, the type of room they have chosen, or if their departure is on a Sunday to reward them for extending their stay…

Flexible fee payment

If the type of booking requires the customer to pay for part or all of the stay, you can automate the reminder and free the team from repetitive tasks that do not add value.


Send relevant information that your customer may need, such as how to get to the hotel, transfer services, check-in time, etc. This is the moment to ask them to pre-check-in online and offer them Up Selling and Cross Selling.


Be the best host

Collects data
through wifi

You will collect data from all guests, not only from the one who made the booking: name, email, phone number… you decide what information you need to reach your customer. Verified data and always in compliance with RGPD.

Sends information
in real time

And only to whoever is staying at the hotel that day: Happy Hour at the pool bar, tonight’s concert and any activity you want to promote. The best channel for this is WhatsApp, the results can be seen instantly.



Ask guests while they are still staying, so you can act in time to anticipate a bad comment on social media. Over 40% of guests leave feedback if you use the right channels.

Online check-out

Guests will receive an email, sms or WhatsApp with the invoice and a link to check-out on the day of their departure.


Turn good experiences into reviews

Get more
and better reviews

Because satisfied customers don’t always share on social media, the best way to get more reviews and better reviews is to automate. You can segment and target each type of customer to the platform you are most interested in: TripAdvisor, Google Review or Holidaycheck.


Increase direct sales



Don’t miss special moments to remind them that you are there.



Get bookings on the hotel website by sending super-segmented email marketing campaigns to offer each customer what they are interested in. With our email marketing platform fully integrated with the CRM, you can use the information we have collected from the customer: when they usually travel, how far in advance they book, what type of room they like the most, if they travel with children, etc. You will also have multiple pre-configured templates, which you will only have to edit.

Do you want to know how you could automate
your hotel’s Guest Journey?

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Take advantage of wifi with the best hotel hotspot. You will be able to obtain the email and telephone number of your customers to contact them directly, build customer loyalty and make their next booking directly on the hotel website.



Your guests will perform the check-in process by themselves, using their devices and from anywhere. You will have all the data automatically dumped to your PMS, saving time for your customers and unloading the reception.


Centralise all conversations with your customers in one place and using their favourite channel. Activate the chatbot to answer the most frequently asked questions and act only when necessary.