Be ahead of a bad comment in public

Know how your guests’ experience is going while they are still in the hotel. Don’t wait until they leave to ask them.

Ask at the right time and through the right channel

You can automate the feedback request so that it arrives at the most appropriate time, depending on the average stay, it could be the morning after check-in or several days later, even after the stay. The channel also influences when it comes to getting good response rates, use wifi, WhatsApp or email depending on the type of guest and success is guaranteed.

More than 50% of customers tell you how their experience is going, subtly and automatically.

Real time

You will know in real time what your guests are saying and you can act quickly to solve any problem. Receive alerts instantly or a daily summary at the time of your choice to review at your leisure.

Easy and intuitive dashboard

Have a dashboard where you can analyse what your customers are saying. By associating each question to a specific department and setting objectives for the season, you will be able to measure customer satisfaction in general and by services in particular, which will allow you to make the right decisions.

Various types
of questions

From the survey editor you can design as many surveys as you need, in a simple and intuitive way. Choose between different types of questions (scoring, single or multiple choice, free text, etc.) and translate them with a click of a button. You will also have templates with the most common questions if you just want to activate them and that’s it.

Frequently asked questions

To ensure a good response rate you have to use the most appropriate channel at all times and according to the type of guest. For example, during a stay, customers do not usually read emails and even less when the duration of the stay is short, so we recommend using whatsapp or the wifi itself. Nowadays, wifi is the channel with the highest conversion rate, with more than 50% of guests telling you how their experience is going.

Yes, you can get a daily or weekly report and you can even set the time you need to receive it, so you can have the information just before the follow-up meeting. You can also decide the type of alerts you want to receive, negative reviews, positive reviews, only those that include comments, general summaries, etc. In addition, you can send the reports to as many recipients as you need to get the information to the right department or person.

Yes, you can have as many departments as you want and assign each question to a specific department. In the dashboard you will see general statistics, by department and you will be able to set objectives for each of them.

That depends very much on what kind of feedback you want to get from the guest and the length of the stay. If you want to be able to act before they leave, in case there are any problems, you can ask them the next morning or after two or three days if the stay is longer than 5 days.

You can create surveys with as many questions as you need, but keep in mind that the simpler the questions, the more responses you will get. The types of questions can be:

  • Rating (stars, bubbles or faces)
  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Comment

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