Messaging Center

Communicate with your customer easily and through any channel. You will have all conversations centralised in a single interface that can be used by the different hotel departments. You will be able to assign conversations and tag them as pending, resolved, add internal notes, etc. no details will escape you.

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Unify and manage all conversations in one place

Makes communication with the hotel easier

Show them how to contact the hotel by adding a button on every communication you send to the customer, a link on the website or QR codes in the rooms. Make it easy for your customer to know that you are always there.

Omni-channel communication

Let the customer choose which channel they want to use to communicate with the hotel. When responding, the system automatically detects which channels are available at any given moment: email, sms, whatsapp, FB Messenger, etc.

Automatic answers and alerts

If the hotel staff is busy and a customer’s request is not attended to, the system answers automatically. With alerts and notifications all your customer will be attended.

Quick Response Templates

Have the most frequently used answers preconfigured and save time when answering.

Real-time translation

Because you have customers from all countries, you can have a conversation in any language with just a few clicks.

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