WhatsApp for hotels

Whatsapp has become the preferred channel for millions of people around the world. More and more customers appreciate the use of this channel to keep them informed or to solve their problems. There is no doubt that you have to have whatsapp integrated in the hotel to offer the best service.
With WhatsApp API you can automate the sending of WhatsApp to customers. It has many advantages over email: higher opening rate, the customer finds the information better and establishes a direct communication channel.
You can manage as many WhatsApp templates as you need, in any language, and use them as templates in automatic sending or in conversations with customers.

Here are some use cases that are already being used by other hotels

Here are some use cases that are already being used by other hotels



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Frequently asked questions

At Journeytok we have prepared everything so that you don’t have to be constantly on whatsapp. We have automatic messages that tell your client that you have received the message and that you will respond as soon as possible. This way you don’t leave your customers waiting for a reply and you provide a good service. You can also use quick replies for those repetitive questions that everyone asks. All our customers who have integrated Whatsapp as a communication channel have found it to be a real advantage.

Yes, because Whatsapp charges for using its Whatsapp API platform. The cost is calculated for each conversation you have with the customer, you don’t pay for each message you send or receive, but for each conversation. On average, to send to Spanish phone numbers, it is 4 cents per conversation. So that you can always keep track of your spending, we have graphs that tell you how much you have spent over the month.

If it is the business that starts a conversation, you can only send the templates that Whatsapp has previously approved. As soon as your customer replies to that conversation or if they are the one initiating the conversation, you can send any message to the customer, by typing free text or using the quick replies.

Yes, you have the possibility of segmenting your customers by a multitude of fields, from demographic data (age, gender, language, etc.) to information about their stay (booking channel, check-in or check-out date, if they come with children, etc.). You will be able to send a communication to all your guests at the click of a button.

In case you send a whatsapp to a phone number that does not have whatsapp installed, the system warns you and you can choose another channel, such as email or SMS.

Don’t wait any longer and start using whatsapp!