Take advantage of your hotel’s wifi with Journeytok’s cloud hotspot. Guests will have to register to access the wifi and you will generate a large high-quality database that will allow you to build customer loyalty and communicate with them in an easy way.

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The ultimate hotspot for hotels

Different access methods

Let the customer choose which access method they prefer to access the wifi: Facebook, Whatsapp, linkedin, form, PIN code, event code, etc. We design the captive portal you need, adapted to each type of customer.

Collect precious customer data

You will automatically build up a useful database of guest data, data that OTAs do not usually share with the hotel.

  • Name, email, telephone number, language, nationality, etc.
  • 100% validated data.
  • GDPR compliance.

Promotional displays

Take advantage of the connection time to inform the customer about the services offered by the hotel (upselling and crosseling). Create them very easily with a super simple editor and show the most appropriate promotions depending on the day and time.

In-stay feedback

Use wifi as a channel to get valuable feedback during your stay. More than 50% of guests will tell you how their stay is going while they are still in the hotel.

Real-time alerts

Stay ahead of a bad comment on social media and receive real-time alerts on what your guests are saying while they are still in the hotel. You can also schedule regular reports with all the feedback for follow-up meetings.

Personalised Wifi-experience

You will be able to control many hotspot parameters from our control panel: connection time, bandwidth, automatic reconnection, number of allowed devices.

Don’t wait any longer and take advantage of Wifi

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