Because a happy customer is a returning customer

A Club for the most loyal guests who want to receive special treatment is an essential part of the loyalty strategy. They can have different experiences for belonging to the club and exclusive discounts.

Make them feel special

The best way to build customer loyalty is to make them feel special, so you can send them exclusive offers and personalised discounts depending on their tastes, how many times they have stayed at the hotel, the channel through which they booked, etc. and all of this automatically.

Automate your loyalty club

With Journeytok you will get your customers to sign up for the loyalty club by themselves, you just have to tell them about the advantages and ask them at the right time: when confirming the booking, when accessing the wifi, or directly through the chatbot.

Advanced segmentation

Create all the segments you need to make the most of all the information you have about your customers. Differentiate between repeat customers, who book well in advance, whether they travel as a couple or with children, their tastes. You have everything you need to launch the right campaigns, to the right people.

On their favourite channel

Nothing better to connect with your customer than using their favourite channel. Why do we keep sending emails to those who prefer to use whatsapp? Communicate in the channel where your customers feel comfortable and get a higher conversion rate in your marketing actions.

Frequently asked questions

You could give them some kind of extra in the room or a discount on hotel services. To do this automatically, you can send them an email or whatsapp when they have made a reservation. Also when they connect to the wifi if you detect that it is recurrent you can give them something as a gift. You can do almost anything you can think of with our loyalty solution.

Do you want to automatically build customer loyalty and increase direct sales?