Hotspot for hotels

The finest captive portal for hotels

Because the most important thing about hotel wifi is that it doesn’t fail, Journeytok has the finest captive portal in the hotel sector, minimising the typical inconvenience that any hotspot can cause. Add a touch of professionalism with your personalised wifi portal.

No changes to the wifi network

We can configure any device you have in your wifi network to connect directly to our hotspot in the cloud. Activation of the service is very simple and you won’t have to change antennas or wifi repeaters. Our expert team will accompany you from start to finish to activate the captive portal and make sure everything is working correctly. As simple as pressing a button.

The most suitable access method for each hotel

Not all hotels have the same type of audience, that’s why we adapt the access methods to each of them. Choose the access methods and see how easy it is to generate a large customer database:

  • Forms
  • Social Networks
  • PIN codes
  • Surname and room number validation
  • VIP access
  • Custom portals for events

Taking care of the smallest detail

It is true that deploying a captive portal adds a new step to connect to wifi. At Joruneytok we have been fine-tuning access methods for more than 8 years so that no customer is left without a wifi connection. We reduce to a minimum the typical problems with Iphones, devices with random MACs or outdated devices. Your customers will have the best Wifi Experience possible.

Legal compliance

Any business that offers wifi to its customers is obliged by law to store a list of the devices that connect to its network with certain information. This list must be handed over to the authorities in the event of a possible court order, usually because a crime has been committed using the hotel’s wifi. That’s why Journeytok’s hotspot does it for you and stores it so that you can have it ready at any time if necessary.


All Journeytok solutions are designed to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and automatically. Express consent is requested in order to send you commercial communications and you may revoke your consent in any of the communications sent to you.

Wifi session management

You will know at all times how many wifi sessions are active, their characteristics (session time, maximum download and upload, operating system…) and who connected, being able to close them at any time. If you identify any type of abuse by a device, you can add it to a blacklist that will prevent it from connecting again.

Frequently asked questions

We have several ways of doing this. We can ask for a PIN code that is given to the customer at check-in or for example we can also ask for the room number and surname, this way you can be sure that it is a real guest.

Yes, you can do this in a generic way, i.e. they all have the same quality of service, or you can assign different qualities depending on the type of customer. This way you can use the wifi service as an extra for VIP customers.

You will always have a list of the devices connected to the network and you can quickly force them out of the network.

No, our system remembers the MAC addresses of the devices and if they are associated to a person it does not ask them to register again. At Journeytok we take great care of the wifi-experience so that guests feel at home.

The system automatically identifies the language configured on the device and it is always displayed in the customer’s language. However, if the customer prefers a different language, they can always change it.

Do you want to have the finest hotspot on the market?