Online Payments

Allow your customers to pay in advance

Thanks to integrations with multiple payment gateways, we can automate the collection of pending reservations, the upgrade of the room or allow them to checkout without going through reception.

Avoid no-shows

No more manual searching for outstanding bookings and contacting each client to remind them to pay. You only have to configure how far in advance you want to notify your customers and whether they have to pay for the first night or the entire stay. The system will automate the whole process.


On the day of check-out, offer the option of paying without having to go to the reception, thus saving time and avoiding a traffic jam at the reception. Make it easy for them to pay.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can segment by any of the data we have about the customer and/or booking. For example the type of fare, the channel they booked through, if they have extras, etc.

No, Journeytok will not charge you any extra for payments made by your customers. We integrate with your payment gateway or virtual POS that you normally use.

The payment goes directly to your bank account. Journeytok simply reminds the customer that a payment is due at some point and presents them with a link or button to make the payment.

Yes, just tell us which gateway you use and we will integrate with them quickly and at no cost to you.

No, the whole process is done automatically and without you having to keep track of how much is to be charged. Our system checks the amounts to be charged and automatically sends them to the client. For example, in the case of payment of the booking in advance, you only have to choose whether they have to pay for the first night or the total amount.

Avoid no-shows automatically