“No shows” represent a significant challenge for hoteliers, as they not only result in lost revenue due to the no-show or cancellation of a guest’s reservation but also incur additional costs for the hotel, affecting:


• Staff planning

• Management of facility availability

• Increased expenses for room preparation, cleaning, maintenance, etc.


Furthermore, they impact the hotel’s image and reputation, especially if they become frequent, involve important reservations, or occur during peak demand periods.


In short, “no shows” have become a headache for hotels, a pending issue for inventory management, and their ability to provide excellent customer service.


According to statistics from 2023, “no shows” have accounted for between 10% – 15% of hotel losses in Spain, significant figures that require an effective solution. Does one exist? Yes, at Journeytok, we automate both the payment process and reservation reminders for “flexible rate” bookings to prevent these previously uncontrollable occurrences.


In this process, guests will be notified in advance via their preferred channel (WhatsApp, email, SMS, etc.) with a payment reminder for their stay, whether in full or in part. They will be informed of the cancellation if payment is not made, while also being offered the option of online payment through any secure payment gateway.


If payment is not made within the specified time frame, the Property Management System (PMS) will be notified of the room’s availability for a future guest, allowing us to proactively convert a potential “no show” into a new reservation.


Put an end to “no shows” automatically starting today by contacting us or requesting your DEMO HERE.


Ana Guzmán Business

Development Manager at Journeytok